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I've spent years dieting. My weight has gone down and up and up and down. Right now, I'm doing the best I can to be the healthiest I can.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Goal

As of this morning I have reached my first goal. *yay* I was also brave enough to try on my next smaller pants --- my 11/12s. They slid up and button easily (woo hoo), but given how I am shaped, I have this annoying overlap (boo!). You see, my hips are wide, then it tapers in at my belly button, then goes back out, up my rips. Almost like an hour glass shape, but there isn't the 8" difference necessary for it to be a true hour glass. So as long as I have excess fat, I will either have to wear pants that are too big around my waist to not worry about the overlap or just have the overlap. Hmmm.

Now that I am confident that what I am doing will help me lose weight, I think I am going to try and weigh-in only every other day. Then I will keep decreasing my weigh-ins until I am weighing only once a week. This is huge step for me, but I know I must take it.

Jasmine, Julie, and I are going shopping today. I am so excited because I LOVE TO SHOP! It is probably one of my favorite past times. Even if I do not get to buy anything, I love to walk around and window shop. After shopping we will probably go out to eat and I have already mentally prepared myself for that. I am super excited to see how I do.



[I was not hungry when I woke up. I know they say you should eat at least something for breakfast because it jump starts your metabolism and that if you do not eat, you will overeat throughout the day, but I do not think that is necessarily true for everyone. I am trying to get more in tune with my body, so I will just eat when I am hungry, while still making healthy choices. Not to mention that if I eat breakfast when I am not hungry, it makes me seriously nauseous.]

1/2 Whole wheat bagel with fat free strawberry cream cheese
1/2 c Egg beaters with shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 c "Naked Berry Burst" juice

[I was in the mood for breakfast food. I pretty much adore bagels! I would like to buy some more soon.]

Fire Grilled Salmon
Sautéed Green Beans
Spicy Rice

[We went to Dave & Buster's. I was completely shocked when the waitress told me that they weren't allowed to give out nutrition information. That sends up a huge red flag for me, because then you know it must be unhealthy! So I scoured the menu until I finally settled on Salmon. The Fire Grilled Salmon seemed fairly healthy (minus the butter), so I went with that, opting for green beans instead of spinach. I looked up the info on My Fitness Pal and it said 690 calories for the whole meal, which isn't too bad considering I only had about 250-300 calories for lunch. Since that gives me less than 1000 calories for the day, chances are I'll eat some chocolate before bed time. Hehehe.]

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